A Brief History & Explanation of The Emotion Code

In 1939, a Russian scientist, Semyon Kirlian, stumbled upon capturing the energy field of a plant on film via photography. Since then, this science has evolved into what we know of today as MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging), brain scans, etc. ‘Kirlian Photography’ is still a common phrase used in current modern medical terminology.

As this science developed, it was used on humans & animals. Often, mysterious balls of energy the size of oranges to cantaloupes were seen lodged in miscellaneous areas of the body. Through time it was evident that these correlated to areas of pain, dysfunction, trauma, & disease.

Everything in this world is made of energy. The more closely knit the molecules are, the harder the substance is; from the loosest knit energy of the unseen quantum field to the hardest substance thus far known to man, lonsdaleite (a carbon substance harder than diamonds). Energy inherently holds magnetism. Every material is influenced to some extent by a magnetic field. We are electromagnetic beings.

The Emotion Code works jointly with this electromagnetic field in the quantum field. Our bodies are made of pure energy, which is not bound by the constraints of the physical realm. The Emotion Code is based on using applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, which shows the body’s reaction to a thought or a question in the weakening or strengthening of its muscles.

Our subconscious minds are akin to our spirits; they cannot be separated & are the eternal/quantum parts of our 3 part beings (spirit, soul, body). Our subconscious minds act like the hard drive in a computer making up about 95% of our mind, controlling things like our heartbeat, blood pressure, the functioning of all our organs, etc. AND it remembers EVERYTHING that has ever happened in you, through you & around you down to your DNA & into past generations because it “dwells” in the quantum realm (outside of time & space). We can use the subconscious mind to get information about imbalances that are causing emotional or physical problems.

Humans & animals have what’s called a Governing Meridian that runs from the upper lip, up & over the head, down to the tail bone. This is the main electrical conduit from which all lesser meridians emanate (ie. to the finger tips, toes, etc.). Just as a clogged pipe or a kink in a hose or electrical wire restricts the flow of whatever is trying to pass through, so can the electromagnetic fields in our bodies get blocked or trapped, causing pain, trapped emotions, & finally disease. Trapped emotions interfere with the natural frequencies that exist in our bodies.

Because we are electromagnetic beings, blockages can be found by asking the subconscious “yes/no” questions. If an answer is incoherent with the truth, the electrical current will instantaneously short-circuit causing a muscle to go weak. If an answer is in agreement with the truth the electrical current stays strong & so does the muscle. This is the foundation of how kinesiology (muscle testing) works. Once a blockage is identified, it can be released by running a magnet down the governing meridian a number of times. This is as effective as turning on or off a light switch. It’s release is instantaneous and the blockage will not return.

Dr. Nelson, a holistic chiropractor, developed the Emotion Code over 20 years ago & has since trained thousands of others in this amazing & effective healing modality. An Emotion Code Practitioner is trained to know how to ask the subconscious questions in the most effective way to identify the source of trapped energies & then release them. The subconscious only knows the pragmatic, concrete, NOW.  It “dwells” outside of time & space so the questions must elicit “yes/no” answers. It cannot answer questions like, “Will this be a good job for me?”, “What numbers should I use for this lottery ticket?”, “Will this make me feel better?”, etc. And because the subconscious is so linear & pragmatic, it will only release one trapped emotion at a time, like peeling away the layers of an onion.

The Emotion Code is designed to help you alleviate physical discomfort, ease emotional wounds & restore love to relationships. It can even help you break patterns of self-sabotage so you are freed to live the life you were meant to live.

Written by Julie Kay