My Journey to Personal Freedom

My story, as to the journey that has brought me to this season in my life:

Since the age of 22, I was privileged to be a wife & homemaker. As our 3 sons came along, I was able to be a stay-at-home mom – a privilege beyond words. My marriage of 20 years was never a happy one, but when my husband suddenly announced he was divorcing me we were all shocked & devastated. Everything was turned upside down for each of us. I truly experienced what it is to be heartbroken… to know what it feels like when your heart is breaking; to know what it feels like to experience a family being ripped apart, like fabric torn to shreds.

Not long after this, I found myself facing an ‘empty nest’. The boys were moving on to re-create their lives. I had neither a college diploma nor any career to fall back on although I was blessed & grateful to have alimony to sustain me. 

I’ve never been one to sit back & expect life to come to me, so I tried my hand at many things with full gusto! I established a design business fabricating home décor for clients & licensed designers. I operated 2 antique booths in a high-end antique mall. I established a real estate investment company with a friend & partner. I worked hard in a few multi-level marketing companies & did rather well for a while. Amidst all of these endeavors, the most valuable thing I learned about myself is that I had quite an entrepreneurial spirit & a higher than average risk-factor tolerance, both of which serve me well to this day.

Through all of this transition & various attempts to reinvent Julie, I deliberately chose to enjoy life. My sons, & now their wives & my 7 grandchildren, & I have FABULOUS relationships for which I am eternally grateful. I purposed to keep myself in personal development arenas; life was good. But deep down I felt I was ‘drifting out to sea without a rudder, oars or sails’. My finances were diminishing, I still couldn’t say I had a real career & I was getting older. I know now that all I was endeavoring to accomplish was from ‘push’ energy. Deep down I was exhausted, frustrated & unfulfilled.

About 6 years ago, I was ‘done’! I wasn’t going to try this, that & the other any longer. I KNEW in the core of my being that there HAD to be a CONCRETE PURPOSE for why God bothered to create me & put me on this earth.  If I could just KNOW what my purpose is, there would be no stopping me. The Holy Scriptures say, “My people perish for lack of vision.” I was perishing. I had no true ‘vision’.  I believe God only creates with intention; that none of us just come off a grand assembly line in the sky like some automated inventory. I firmly believe that if a person is living his or her Purpose, then these are the “rivers of living water” that flow out of us as the Holy scriptures say, the “abundant life” Jesus spoke about.

Because I was sincerely & actively seeking, yet no longer willing to ‘experiment’ with this, that & the other, I was ready to ask the quality questions of myself. Scripture also says, “You have not because you ask not.”  And, “Seek Me with all of your heart & you will find Me.”

Have you heard the phrase, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”?  Well, that’s exactly what happened for me. I continued in the arena of personal development, listening to & watching teachers & scientists such as Dr. Joe Dispenza of the ‘What the Bleep. Down the Rabbit Hole’ movie, Dr. Bruce Lipton (the ground-breaking epigeneticist), John Assaraf of ‘Neurogym’, Natalie Ledwell of ‘Mind Movies’, etc. Through time, Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilders Live came across my ‘radar’. Mary promises that if you spend 3 days with her at this event, you will leave with a dream. If you don’t have one, you’ll leave with one. If you already have one, either way, you’ll leave with practical instruction as to how to develop & manifest it. 

Mary was true to her promise. I had no dreams. I didn’t even know how to dream. Whatever dreams I may have allowed myself had been shattered like glass or dissolved like an Alka Seltzer with no fizz! But, by the end of that 3-day weekend, I had instruction AND permission to dream once again, something I hadn’t done since childhood. I let myself feel hope & excitement that I hadn’t felt for years. I let myself imagine without limitation. I let myself plumb the depths of my heart, which in truth, I’ve found to be my Purpose: Purpose with a capital ‘P’.

Fast forward: I placed myself under Mary Morrissey’s tutelage for an intensive year & learned to ask quality questions of myself. I have learned that the Universe has no lack & is abundant by nature, that I can access anything through the power of my mind, that my perception determines my experience, that I can befriend fear; I could go on & on. Basically, I’ve changed my thoughts, my words, my actions, & consequently my life. I incorporate these principles (truths that change with neither time nor circumstance) & see profound results daily.

I discovered that I would LOVE to be a teacher-speaker-coach like Mary, helping others like myself find, create, develop & live their passions, to know their Purpose & live the life they LOVE! I’ve become just that. Today, I am a Life Mastery Consultant, & an Emotion Code Practitioner with side businesses that support these careers. Careers!  I now have bonafide, active, viable, profitable careers! I LOVE MY LIFE!!! And I LOVE seeing other people’s lives change before their eyes just as mine has.

As a side note, when you know to live a principally centered life, you’ll find it creates a sort of domino effect in every area of your life. The transformational principles that I teach my clients are helping them in any & every kind of circumstance to realize their dreams. These principles are helping them vocationally, relationally, in health & well-being, & with time & money freedom. These are laws that the Infinite has set in place. Our job as co-creators is to learn to become AWARE of the infinite possibilities that await in the quantum realm for our activation. HOW to do this is a science, a proven & tested process of transformation that is taught within a foundation of support. In a nutshell, this is what I do for my clients… the same that was done for me. I wake up every day knowing, feeling & living my purpose. I LOVE MY LIFE!!

I would be overjoyed & honored to help you in this critical journey of life… YOURS!!