Emotion Code

I have spent virtually my entire life beset by numerous allergies; the presence of pollen, dust or animal dander, even a small quantity, has always been enough to send me into sneezing, eye-watering agony.  I cannot remember a time in my life when this was not the case.

Additionally, I have lived for the past 30 years with constant, chronic sciatica, to the point that it had permanently altered the way I am able to walk.

I have known Julie Kay for some time & I asked her if we could try the Emotion Code to help me with either or both of these conditions.  After 3 sessions, 2 concentrating on the allergies & 1 on the sciatica, neither is a problem for me any longer.  The symptoms from allergy reaction & the pain from the sciatica are almost never felt &, on those rare occasions when they are, they are so mild & short-lived that they are barely noticeable.

I know this may sound a little far-fetched, bordering as it does on the miraculous, but it is true.

Mike (Arizona)

My mother died in a car accident in a February snowstorm when I was 11 years old (over 50 years ago).  Since then, I have never been comfortable in a car and have always had great anxiety (especially in February) while riding or driving in inclement weather.  After having an Emotion Code treatment with Julie for this anxiety, my city experienced an ice storm (it also happened to be February).  I work at a 24-hour care facility which is a 26-mile commute for me.  The roads were icy, but I did not have the usual fear of driving!!  I just drove carefully, and all was well.  Since then, being in a car, riding or driving has become significantly less traumatic for me.

During another EC session, Julie worked on mid-back spasms I was having due to the stress-load I have at work.  I’d been feeling seriously grumpy, angry & irritated for about 2 weeks.  During the session, I felt my back pain immediately release!  When the session ended, I told Julie I felt like dancing!  I no longer held the anger but felt light & happy!

I feel these EC sessions have changed my life!

Sally (Oregon)

Thank you soooo much for your help Julie.  As you know, I foster dogs for a rescue group in Northern Arizona and over the years we quite often rescue dogs that may have multiple issues, which can make it difficult to adopt them out. Your help in solving the issues that came with Tanner, my cute, sweet terrier were amazing.  Nighttime was not fun, as his issues were that he had a lot of fear of going outside, especially at night.  He would growl and snap at me if I attempted to have him go outside to go to the bathroom before bedtime.  I was afraid to reach for him because I felt he might bite me.

When I spoke with you about him, you said you would be happy to help Tanner!  What a relief that was to me.  I love this little boy and want him to be "adoptable" into a loving home but was so worried about how he would behave.  When you set up the  time to work on him in releasing many trapped/trauma/emotional emotions I couldn't believe how much he calmed down.  I saw such a difference in him after just 2 sessions.  Now he goes outside for me whenever I want him to.  This is going to help this little boy find his forever home much easier.  It was amazing to see him calm down.

Thank you, Julie,!

Anita (Arizona)

I was rear-ended in 1962.  This accident resulted in a whiplash which led to chronic pain in my right shoulder and down my back.  Rarely did the pain leave it was mostly a 4-5, sometimes moving to a 7-8.  I spent ten minutes with Julie and the pain was gone and has not returned.  That was about eight weeks ago.  I highly, highly recommend Julie Kay & the Emotion Code.  If I were you, I would try her work for yourself.

Sue (Arizona)

In May my husband of 34 years ended our marriage. The break up broke my heart. No matter how much rationally knew and had for years that he did not love me romantically* could not get over the deep heartache.

In August, Julie started doing Body & Emotion Code work on me. We had five sessions over two months where she released over 30 broken hearts from multiple places in my body where I had been having physical problems.

Since her work, I no longer have heartache. can look back on my marriage and see all that did and learn without pain or regret. My ex and I are business partners so I still see him regularly and do not have pain in dealing with him anymore.

I believe the work Julie has done with Body & Emotion Code has allowed me to move on in my life with hope and a light heart.

Once again, Thank You, Julie!

Sally (Oregon)


I started the Dream Builder program in July 2019.  At that time in my life I was severely depressed, lost and without hope.  We are being sued by someone that is out to get us for everything we have, and it seemed he was winning.  I had just turned 65 and had we had already lost what we felt was all of our financial security for retirement due to this situation and it isn’t over yet!

Fast forward four months.  That life described above seems so long ago.  Granted the being sued part is still happening but I really don’t feel it is a part of my life.  It will be what it will be.  Unfortunately, the fellow is not mentally well and I hope with all my heart he finds some inner peace.

But “my life” is wonderful.  I dialed in my dream after much deep contemplation because as I stated, I had lost all hope.  For years I had thought finding work through the internet was the way to have financial independence and the ability to live as one wants but I couldn’t figure out what I had to offer.  But when I realized my dream to have a blog on health and wellness my world changed.  I have always been very curious about health and well-being but never could find what I could do that felt right for me.  I worked in Physical Therapy out of high school but soon realized that allopathic medicine treated symptoms, not the whole person.   Over the years I studied all aspects of diet, herbal, physical and spiritual well-being but I could not find balance, happiness and well-being for myself.  So here I am with all this information and the desire to help others find their happiness and health.  During the Dream Building program I did find my inner peace, health and happiness.  My coach, Julie, got me reading all types of books on inner peace and abundance but also led me to information on ground-breaking scientifically proven studies that are at the core of what I have felt and believed all these years about health being based on the emotions of the person. 

Things really started to fall into place for me.  I quit my high demanding job one day because the company had done a couple things that went against my core values.  I did not have another job lined up but I put my trust in my gut instincts and quit.  Immediately after my last day I started to find small jobs that are keeping the finances afloat while I put my all into my dream.  Many tiny things transpired during the past four months that fell into place that Julie helped me realize that were leading me continually forward in my dream.  I am so full of gratitude for what a transformation this program and Julie’s coaching has done for my life, it brings tears of joy!  

If you are reading this in Julie’s website you probably are searching as I had been.  It is amazing how this program pulls together all we instinctively know and builds us with the confidence to reach beyond our wildest dreams and achieve it!  Invest your time in this program to be the happiest and healthiest you can!

Sally (Oregon)